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Wedding Photography – from early morning to late night

Wedding Preparations are Moments full of Expectations and Excitement. This is the perfect Start for Wedding Photography, to capture the feelings of the whole day and to tell a well-rounded, consistent story, thus beautiful from the first to the last minute.  The pictures before the big hurry for the party are always wonderful in this special atmosphere. The flurry of activity, the last preparations and of course the thrill of anticipation. For THAT moment.

We capture the whole day in a big wedding report. Beside the highlights of the wedding like for example the ceremony or the dance, there are the exciting moments before it, which make a complete report for you.


What does a Wedding Photographer do when photographing in the morning before the grand festivities?

During the preparations, we pay attention to the little details, for which the bridal couple (or maybe just the bride 🙂 ) had took a long time to decide what they should choose.

Most of our bridal couples are particularly looking forward to see these pictures. The photographs are very emotional and you can feel the tensions when you are looking at them.

Furthermore, we as wedding photographers have enough time to prepare the accessoires, the dress and the decoration for a perfect shoot.


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