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A joy shared is a joy doubled

Our Wedding Photography is full of emotions, feelings and happiness, so that you can remember easily all the moments. This is what makes it special. We photographed small and private weddings as well as bis parties. Its always perfect for the couple and we always do individual photography.


For how long do we stay as wedding photographers with you at your wedding party?

At many weddings, we start in the morning with the preparations of the wedding and then, we photograph the ceremony, the reception, the bridal photo shooting and the wedding party in the evening, up to the wedding dance or the cutting of the wedding cake. But in the end, it’s up to you, how much of the evening’s entertainment you would like to have captured in you wedding reportage.

Some couples like to have the whole evening of the wedding party caputred by the wedding photographer.

For others we just photograph the location, some details of the marriage room, and leave in the early evening.

Some would like to have our fotobox set-up for the evening, where the guests can take funny pictures of themselves.

It is important for us to clear questions like this, before the wedding. The better we know what you are looking for and what you imagine from your wedding report, the better we can prepare and do our best for you.


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