Gallery Marriage Ceremony

Hochzeitsfotograf Trauung Zeremonie

The Ceremony – all eyes on you!

It is this very special moment, when you say yes to each other, everyone looks at you. As Wedding Photographer, we are quiet in the background, focussed on your faces, the feelings and emotions from you and your guests. We know these moments never lasting long and can’t be repeated. But with our experience in wedding photography, we can capture every single one for you. 🙂


How do we photograph your wedding ceremony?

From our bridal couples, we always get the feedback that they didn’t notice us in the church during the marriage ceremony.

It’s important for us, that the bride and groom are in the focus and nobody else. We work in the background and try to not attracting attention. Most of the times, we photograph with available light, without a disturbing flash.

98% of our bridal couples say, that they didn’t notice us during the wedding ceremony. When handing over the pictures of their precious moments, they are astonished that we captured their ceremony moments such naturally and authentic without them noticing.


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