Photographer Team in Zurich and St. Gallen

Our photographer team is creative, young and in love with photography

We are a team of photographers. Most of our colleagues work alone. For us, working in a team gives spice in our photography. We learn from each other, we support each other, inspire and complement each other time and again. Our goal is to look ahead and to look behind, to keep on making progress.

We give our best, so that our big and small studio guests feel comfortable with us. Our aim is to make your photo shoot with us a great experience.

We would describe our images as authentic, natural and pur. They are regularly awarded for their creativity and photographic quality.


Our Photographers



Always looking for new perspectives – that’s Monique. Monique has more than 10 years of experience in portrait shoots, family photo shootings and wedding photography and is an outright studio- und outdoor expert.

Profilbild Simone rund 300


Simone is a real family person and therefore feels very much at home in our family photo studio. With her three brothers and sisters, she is well familiar when there is a lot going on. Her favorite subject is the smile of a child – natural and honest.



Fiona is an absolute people photography proHer pictures are full of life and are made with lots of feelings and creativity. She often photographs wedding reportages and business session. Also in studio, she creates wonderful memories for life for families. 



Seraina knows for sure: true memory images of people come about, when real emotions are captured – smiling, braving or dreamy. That is her recipe for touching and lively images. 

Profilbild rund 300px Barbara


Barbara is fascinated by photography since taking the camera of her mom for photo sessions as a little girl.
She really likes photographing outdoor on location, but appreciates the many possibilities the studio offers in terms of light.


“Acquire new knowledge,

while reflecting on your existing knowledge,

to become a teacher to others.

– Konfuzius

We are a teaching photo studio …

… and thus are only of the very rare photo studio from Switzerland that educate and train photographers. Right now, we have four training photographers (EFZ). We are very proud and time and again thrilled by their creativity, autonomy and motivation behind the camera, during shootings and beyond.



Photography comes naturally to open minded Milena. Already her father is a trained pro photographer and now she follows in his footsteps. She devotes herself preferably to portrait photography. The most important elements being light and shadow to create a successful image.



Caroline always wanted to capture moments to be able to live through the moment later again. She loves that photography enables her to do this to a certain extend. Most important to her in photography are the emotions an image is able to transport and provoke with the viewer.



Lara discovered her passion for photography at the “Kunstschule Chur”, where she completed a preparatory design course. She knew immediately which profession she wanted to learn and pursue. That’s why she is in her apprenticeship to become a photographer now with lightplay and does this with full passion and commitment.

Profilbild rund 300px Mateo


Matéo has started to photograph with 5 years using disposable cameras :-). As a second grader he purchased his own digi cam and really got startet. And later, he got his hands on the DSLR camera of his father, which he took where ever he could take it. 


Our talented organizers

Corinne Profilbild rund 300px

Customer communication, social media or billing – our photographers have strong support in the back.


Corinne is tirelessly coordinating, planning and keeping the overview for us. Her open and friendly manner boost good mood with our dear clients and our team. She always has a smile on her lips. 


Fabian is our man in the background. He leads the lightplay GmbH and supports our team of photographers so that they can focus on their core tasks.

Open minded, he is the perfect sparring parter for discussions. His number one priorities are the happiness of our customers, the quality and the further development of our studio.

Profil Jerish rund 300


Jerish is our kind soul all around our photo booths. She always goes through live positivly. And with her open and friendly nature, she is a gain for every event. When time permits aside of her working time and of her role as a loving mother, she relaxes baking and cooking.


Our Junior Team

One day, there was the question and the big request: why are we not on our website? Don’t we belong to the team?

Mia, Gian Luca, and Amando are our junior support. They don’t spent a lot of time in our studio. But meanwhile, they know exactly, where the lollies, jellies and chocolates for the coffee are hidden..

The three of them support us in our “Chunsch drus” series, are available as models if needed for a test photo shoot or accompany us when delivering the photo booth.

Also in image editing, they know have found out already a few tricks.. Of coarse only the funny things… 🙂

And of coarse they are right… as part of the lightplay Team, they belong on the website!


Gian Luca

Gian Luca is soon becoming a teenager… and we can sense it 🙂 He helps when a hand is needed for delivering a photo booth or building up a new furniture.



Mias desired career is photographer. She already practices with a lot of passion in front and behind the camera as well as with photoshop.



Amando rocks the boot, when being in the studio. Sometimes, he feels a little to comfortable and familiar with the whole team… 🙂 He accompanies the delivery of the photo booth as well from time to time.