High Quality Fine Art Photo Products

With every Photo Shooting you will receive:

  • Selected images digitally retouched
  • For Family Photo Shoots in gentle style, appropriate for children
  • For Portraits and Head Shots in your desired style, according to your wishes and your usage of the images
  • The selected images in full quality as a download or on a data storage medium
  • Possibility to book additional images digitally or as Fine Art Photo Print
  • Possibility to order all images of the Photo Shoot in a basic editing (color optimization, cropping) as digital data in three different quality levels


We will talk about your desire for further Photo Products after the Photo Shoot. We can offer digital Products and a wide range of Fine Art Prints to choose from. We have many more formats and products for you upon request.

Digital Products

Images digitally retouched, per additional image

Naturally retouching
Retouching of colour, contrast, gentle retouching of skin and teeth,
incl. image in full quality
24 Fr. / Pc.
Beauty retouching
Retouching of colour, contrast, extensive retouching of skin, hair and teeth, reduction of problematic areas
incl. image in full quality
44 Fr. / Pc.
Composing, adding or removing elements of the image,
incl. image in fully quality
at cost 100 Fr. / h

All images in basic editing

Digital images 20×30
suitable for Fine Art Prints of 20x30cm
150 Fr.
Digital images full resolution
suitable for Fine Art Prints
of large dimensions
250 Fr.
All images additionally
in color and black and white
image editing
+ 50 Fr.

Of course, upon consultation the digital images are available for commercial use as well. Pricing depends on the intended use of the images. Please get in touch for details.

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Print on Premium Luster Photo Paper

10×15 cm 10 Fr.
13×18 cm 14 Fr.
21×29 cm (A4) 18 Fr.
32×48 cm (A3) 37 Fr.
42×59 cm (A2) 67 Fr.
59×84 cm (A1) 94 Fr.

Fine Art Print on Canvas
including digital editing

30×30 cm 89 Fr.
50×50 cm 129 Fr.
40×60 cm 129 Fr.
60×90 cm 189 Fr.
100×100 cm 398 Fr.
100×150 cm 498 Fr


and many more format available upon request

Vintage Images
including digital editing

18×13 cm 94 Fr.
30×20 cm 144 Fr.
42×30 cm 194 Fr.
57×38 cm 264 Fr.
15×15 cm 94 Fr.
20×20 cm 114 Fr.
30×30 cm 164 Fr.
38×38 cm 204 Fr.
42×20 cm 164 Fr.
57×30 cm 264 Fr.


and many more format available upon request

Fine Art Print on Aluminium - 3mm
including digital editing

30×45 cm 159 Fr.
40×40 cm 169 Fr.
35×50 cm 199 Fr.
40×60 cm 219 Fr.
50×50 cm 219 Fr.
50×75 cm 299 Fr.
60×90 cm 340 Fr.


and many more format available upon request

Photo Books

Photo Books Deluxe from 900 Fr.
Studio Book 370 Fr.
Mini Books 8 pc. with 8 pages, 10×10 cm 270 Fr.

Forex Stand-up Display - 5mm
including digital editing

20×30 cm 69 Fr.