Newborn and Baby Photos

Newborn Shooting Title Image three babies
Newborn Shooting Title Image three babies

The newborn and baby photography grew close to our hearts.

In the first months of life, everything happens so fast. It’s a true joy to capture these rare moments as baby photographers forever.

At your Newborn Photo Session, you entrust us your most precious. We value this trust and we are honored to get to know so many of your little darlings.


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Making-of Impressions from a Newborn Photo Shooting

Follow the process from newborn photo shooting to the final product. We give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of a baby shooting.

Fiona – Olympus visionary – talks about her newborn photography and her use of the Olympus OMD camera.

The Olympus visionaries are a selected, global group of talented photographers testing the products under extreme usage conditions.


Information, tips and tricks for your Newborn – Baby Photo Shooting

So that your Newborn pictures of your little darling will become exceptional, we have collected a few tips how you can prepare for the Newborn Photo Shoot with us.

During the pregnacy

Many of our little studio guests visit us in their first days of life. The most beautiful newborn images can be made from the fifth up to the the twelfth day of your newborn. The newborn babys normally sleep most oft the times and are very happy. Many newborn photographers just photograph newborns in the first 14 days.

We know, that it is a big steep, leaving home just a few days following childbirth. Every month, we welcome also small wonders in the age between 20 or 30 days. As experience newborn photographers, we can also shoot with slightly older newborn babies without problems. There are many tricks, which we know as specialists for newborn photography, to make this work as well.

After four weeks, other images of a baby will result in a photo shooting. The Baby will more often be awake. We also like to do shootings like this. But it’s important when you imagine the classical newborn images with a sleepy baby on it, that you not wait too long after the birth.

We would love to help and give you advise. As specialized baby photographers, we also offer you to visit you in your home and take the pictures where you are most comfortable.

Please make an appointment in for the shootings early, so that we have enough time for you, when your baby is coming. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to take too many newborn shootings and it would be a pitty if we couldn’t find a suitable date for you with short notice.

Please contact us when you gave birth to your little angel, the best is, only 1-2 days after it. So we can find a perfect date for you.

At the day of the photo shooting

For your newborn photoshooting, the most important things you will need are time and patience. The photo shooting with such a little baby can not be clocked. That’s the reason why we work on our homepage with „circa“ time approximations. The shooting can last for example from two to three hours.

If your little darling is hungry, there is always a possibility for a break to feed.

You don’t have to take too many things with you for the newborn shooting. There are some little things which can make the shooting easier and improve it.

  • baby-soother (if in use)
  • compensational cloothing for mummy and dady
  • simple clothing for familypictures- please pay attention of naturally colours without big prints.
  • If the baby needs some extra food, please bring along a bottle and milk for the baby. You have the opportunity to boil water in the studio.

Generally, not. The newborn fotoshooting is all about the baby and not about clothing and accessories. Less often is more.

We have in our studios a big varitey of handmade hair accessoires, little caps, different baskets in which the little stars can pose.

For us, uniqueness is very important. That is the reason why we create every month new handmade, unique accessories for your photo shoot.

Many of our guests bring some own accessories with them. But as said, no obligation and no pressure to think to much about the outfits and the accessories.

Payment for the photo shoot is in cash after the appointment or we provide you with an invoice to pay afterwards.
Currently, we are not able to accept credit card or debit card payments.


Offerings Newborn and Baby Photo Shooting

Newborn Small
Newborn (up to 12 weeks)
Ideal for newborn photos or family photos with your newborn

  • Ca. 1 hour
  • 5 retouched image files in full quality

380 Fr.
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Newborn Classic
Newborn (up to 12 weeks)
Ideal for newborn photos and family photos with your newborn

  • Ca. 2 hours
  • 15 retouched image files in full quality

550 Fr.
Make Appointment As a Gift
Newborn Deluxe
Newborn (up to 12 weeks)
Ideal for newborn photos and family photos with your newborn
More time for different images and sets

  • Ca. 3 hours
  • 25 retouched image files in full quality

790 Fr.
Make Appointment As a Gift
Newborn @ Home
Newborn (up to 12 weeks)
Offering Newborn Deluxe in Your Home

  • Offering Newborn Deluxe
  • Within 10 km to the Photo Studio no extra charge
    + 0.90 Fr. / km for domicile further than 10 km

1080 Fr.
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Offerings Combo Maternity Photo & Newborn Shooting

Baby Bump Combo Classic
Combined Offering – Baby Bump and Newborn Classic Photo Shooting at a preferentail price

  • Baby Bump Shooting

    • 1 Hour
    • 10 retouched image files in full quality
  • Newborn Classic

    • Ca. 2 hours
    • 15 retouched image files in full quality
850 Fr.

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Baby Bump Combo Deluxe
Combined Offering – Baby Bump and Newborn Deluxe Photo Shooting at a preferental price

  • Baby Bump

    • 1 Hour
    • 10 retouched image files in full quality
  • Newborn Deluxe

    • Ca. 3 hours
    • 25 retouched image files in full quality
1090 Fr.

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For further wishes | Additional offerings for you Photo Shoot

On Location
Photo Shooting outside of Photo Studio
+ 100 Fr.
+ 0.90 Fr. / km for Locations further than 10km
Photo Products
Additional to the packages, we offer a variety of (digital) photo products for you.

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