Maternity and Pregnancy Photos

Babybauchshooting mit wehendem Schleier in Schwarz-Weiss Foto
Babybauchshooting mit wehendem Schleier in Schwarz-Weiss Foto

An intensive time, many things will change, you are infinitely proud…

With your maternity photos, you are able to step back in time for a lifetime and wallow in memories.

Because YOU start a new adventure …

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Information, tips and tricks for your Pregnancy / Maternity Photo Shooting

So that your Maternity pictures will become exceptional, we have collected a few tips how you can prepare for the Maternity Photo Shoot with us.

During the pregnacy

The best time for a baby bump shooting is during the 33. Up to the 37. week of pregnancy. The belly is already big, but you still can move without big problems and you feel more comfortable. The baby seldomly comes before the 37 week of pregnancy. So you have enough time for the baby bump photo shooting.

At the day of the photo shooting

Please take simple clothes for the photo shooting with you. Pay attention that there are no big logos or writings on them. And please also take skin-coloured underwear with you. If you like, you can take some specials accessories with you. Like the baby shoes, a baby-soother… But of course, we have some accessories for you here in the studio.

Before the shooting please wear casual clothes, so there won’t be any marks on your body. Especially pregnancy trousers do leave marks. A short time before the photo shooting, you shouldn’t oil or creme your belly, because that will cause a unnaturally gloss on your skin.

Payment for the photo shoot is in cash after the appointment or we provide you with an invoice to pay afterwards.
Currently, we are not able to accept credit card or debit card payments.


Offerings Pregnancy / Maternity Photo Shooting

Baby Bump
Mother and Father-to-be

  • 1 Hour
  • 10 retouched image files in full quality

400 Fr.
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9-Month Baby Bump Series

  • 9 short session during pregnancy. Last session with newborn.
  • Digital collage mit choosen pose with an image of each session.

490 Fr.

Optional: 7th session as full baby bump photo shoot for 790 Fr. instead of 890 Fr. 

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Baby bump series

Offerings Combo Maternity Photo & Newborn Shooting

Baby Bump Combo Classic
Combined Offering – Baby Bump and Newborn Classic Photo Shooting at a preferentail price

  • Baby Bump Shooting

    • 1 Hour
    • 10 retouched image files in full quality
  • Newborn Classic

    • Ca. 2 hours
    • 15 retouched image files in full quality
850 Fr.

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Baby Bump Combo Deluxe
Combined Offering – Baby Bump and Newborn Deluxe Photo Shooting at a preferental price

  • Baby Bump

    • 1 Hour
    • 10 retouched image files in full quality
  • Newborn Deluxe

    • Ca. 3 hours
    • 25 retouched image files in full quality
1090 Fr.

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For further wishes | Additional offerings for you Photo Shoot

On Location
Photo Shooting outside of Photo Studio
+ 100 Fr.
+ 0.90 Fr. / km for Locations further than 10km
Photo Products
Additional to the packages, we offer a variety of (digital) photo products for you.

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Currently only available in german language. Please contact us if you need any help.


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