Application Photo & Business Portrait

Bewerbungsfoto blauer anzug

The importance of the first impression

Your Application Photo is part of the very first impression you are delivering in an application. Before starting to screen your eduction background, working experience and references, HR employees have a look at the overall impression of your application - including of coarse, your photograph. Hence a good reason to stand out with a professional application image.

How would you like to come across?

Your application photo should absolutly fit your desired job profil. Oftentimes an application photo is mixed up with passport photographs - which of coarse is not the same.

You will look more interessted and engaged than many other candidates with your new professional application photo. We advise and support you in this process, so together we capture the application photo that fits your desired position.


Gallery of Application Photos / Business Portraits


Information, tips and tricks for your Application Photo or your Business Portrait

We have some tips for you, how you can prepare perfectly for your business portrait / application photo shooting.

Preparations for an application photo or a business portrait

How can I prepare for an application photo or a business portrait?

Think about how you want to look like on the photos: Friendly, proud, trustworthy?

It is easier for us to photograph you the way you want, when we know as much as you do about your expectations.

What shall I wear for the application shooting?

For an application photo for a bank, lawyer’s office, consultig service, or a position like that, there is still the rule to wear a suit with a tie. For the women, a business costume. For an application as the new digital unit of a cosulting service, you maybe leave your tie at home :-).

For other professions, there is no specific rule what you shall wear, it is a little bit more difficult. But you should choose clothes appropriate for your desired position and the organisation you apply for. Have a look how the other employeers dress. If you can’t decide, it is always better to dress a bit more formal, than too casual.

The photo shooting

Is it possible that a professional make-up artist helps me with the styling and make-up?

Of course! We’d love to organize an appointment with a make-up artist before the shooting. Especially if you are not used to put a business make-up on, we can highly recommend it.

Offerings Application Photo

Application Photo
For Candidates and for your Online Profil (XING, LinkedIn) 

  • 20 Minutes
  • Retouched image file in full quality within 1 workday

149 Fr.

Application Photo Apprentices
Students, Apprentices with a valid school or student card 

  • 10 Minutes
  • Retouched image file in full quality within 1 workday

95 Fr.

Offerings Business Portraits

Business Portrait
Managers, employees with customer contact, Professionals with an online profil (XING, LinkedIn)

  • 30 Minutes
  • 2  retouched image files in full quality
  • Right of use for online profils, company website or print material of the company

270 Fr.*

*50 Fr. price reduction for linking to

Business Portrait Plus
Entrepreneurs, Politicians,Executives in public

  • Preliminary Briefing
  • 2 hours photo shoot
  • Different Sets and Clothing
  • 6  retouched image files in full quality
  • Right of use for commercial purposes

950 Fr.*

*50 Fr. price reduction for linking to

Executive Portrait
Entrepreneurs, Politicians,Executives in public

  • Preliminary Briefing
  • Half day photo shoot with photographer and photo assistant
  • Make-up from Make-up Artist
  • Different Sets and Clothing
  • Selection of 6 images for different statements
  • 6  retouched image files in full quality
  • Right of use for commercial purposes

1480 Fr.*

*50 Fr. price reduction for linking to

Business Portrait for Teams

We regularly photograph the new team members of companies in professional services, for employees in marketing and sales and for other team members with direct client contact.

We assure that your Business Portraits fit seamlessly together. Hence your professionalism and your aspiration for quality is also reflected in the Business Portraits of your team.

For larger teams, we gladly built up our mobile Photo Studio at your place, capture you in your working environment or we shoot in our photo studio.

For an individual offer, please contact us.

For further needs | Additional offerings for you Photo Shooting

Make-up small
+ 60 Fr.

Photo Shooting Make-up
+ 100 Fr.

Make-up and hair, special make-up, etc.
according to expenditure

On Location
Photo Shooting outside of Photo Studio
+ 100 Fr.
+ 0.90 Fr. / km for Locations further than 10km
Digital Images and Photo Products
Additionally to the included images in the packages, it is possible to book further digital images. And of course, we have a wide portfolio of print products.

Enquire an appointment for your Application or Business Portrait Shoot and clarify open questions

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