Photographer for Business Photography

Authentic images for your company report, pictures for your new marketing campaign, emotional images of your event or professional business portraits on your website leave a lasting mark for potential clients, investors and partners.

Take a chance to present your company with professional image pictures, marketing images, event photos and business portraits.

lightplay Fotografie is your Photographer for professional people photography!

Professional People Photography

Imagebilder Imageaufnahmen Reportage

Image pictures

Authentic image pictures of your company and its employees. Images for the annual/quarterly report. Photos for your professional web presence.

Werbefotografie Werbefotograf Advertising Photographer

Advertising photography

Your photographer for advertising photos, marketing campaigns, and sales promotions. No matter whether online or print.

Eventfotografie Event Fotograf

Event Photography

Emotional photos of your event. Reportage images of your customer event, your assembly, or your festivities.

Business Portrait Photographer Fotograf

Business Portrait

Business portraits for individual persons or your whole team. For the case, that your portrait images reflect the quality of your services and products.

People Photographer

We work for small and local, as well as for big and international companies. We portrait service companies, craftsmen, industrial firms, and public institutions.

With all of them, it is about the people in the organization (portrait, image, event) or about the emotions matching the product and company (marketing, advertising).

Impressions of our business and commercial photography:

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A small extract of companies we are happy to work for:

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