Awarded Photography

Prizes and awards are a great. They give joy, acknowledge the current efforts and confirm being on the right track. But our most important award is the satisfaction of our customers! Because without you, the best prizes are meaningless. Therefore, we are of course most pleased about positive feedback from you, but also look forward to your suggestions and ideas. Only together we can get better.

Of course we would like to show you what we have achieved so far – as customers, models and sources of inspiration, you yourself have made a significant contribution to this. Thank you for that! 

The exchange with colleagues is important for our further development. Therefore, we not only compete in competitions, but are also in close contact with many other great photographers in various professional associations. We attend gatherings and workshops and exchange with our peers. We also regularly report on our achievements, awards and participation in competitions in the lightplay photo studio category in our blog.

In addition to that we would like to introduce you to a very special project on this page – since the beginning we have been committed with passion and joy to ‘Herzensbilder’, an organization that supports families in difficult times. A commitment as a so called ‘photo angel’ is always something special for us and shows us how unimportant suddenly everything can become when it comes to the health and happiness of a family member.


What other say about us…

Because we want you to know what to expect from us, we deal transparently with feedback about our services. We are happy about every suggestion we receive. We would like to show you a few customer voices here, you can find more on our Homepage, on Facebook and on Feel free  to go through the feedback yourself and ask us any questions.

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International Awards by bpp

Each year, the Association of Professional Portrait Photographers (bpp) organizes various qualifications that members of the Association can attend, review, and improve on their photographic work. In addition to the 'bpp Quality Certificate', there is also an image contest, the Photo Book Award or the IPQ competitions.

In 2017, we were represented by 5 photographers and 10 out of a total of 90 nominations in 5 categories. This has never happened before and shows how strong our team is! Out of the nominations, we achieved 1st place at the Wedding Award and a 2nd place at the Portrait Award!

At the bpp Convention 2016, Fiona reached the third place at the Fuji Wedding PHOTO BOOK Award 2016 and thus brought the Bronze Award to us in Switzerland. 🙂

Also in 2015 we were able to cream off the image contest. In addition to five other strong rankings, we received the Gold Award in the Portrait category and the Bronze Award in the Beauty Shot category. You can find the pictures submitted by Fiona in the blog post for the bpp Contest 2015.

bpp Certification lightplay

The 'bpp Quality Certificate' is awarded to those members of the Association who can attest to a good to excellent quality of the photos on their website. In addition, the design of the exterior presentation plays a role in the evaluation. This evaluation gets repeated regularly.

In addition to the Quality Certificate, we participated in the Inernational Photographic Qualifications (IPQ), which take place once or twice a year in the portrait-, wedding- and creative-poeple-category. In total, four levels can be achieved, which are awarded by an international expert jury.

Our Monique was awarded at the bpp Convention 2016 in Cologne for her high quality wedding photography. In total, she has submitted 15 images from the past wedding season 2015 for evaluation by a jury of experts and thus received the title of International Portrait Photographer of High Performance, which corresponds to the Level 1 bpp awards.

Fiona submitted 15 portrait photos of children to the jury. The series is photographed in the same visual language - all children have prominent freckles and a very strong expression. For this photo series, Fiona has been honored as an International Portrait Photographer of High Quality, reaching Level 2.


Qualitative, creative and customer-oriented wedding photography

Our wedding photography was awarded 3rd place in the Photo & Film category at both the 1st Wedding Award Switzerland in March 2016 and again in 2017. The award is entirely dedicated to the wedding service industry, which has received awards in eleven categories. 10 companies were nominated per category. All of them are characterized by products and services that stand for high creativity and quality and are convincing due to their distinctive service orientation.

The award should establish itself as a quality label in the Swiss wedding scene and help customers to select suitable service providers from the large range. It should be awarded annually from this year on.


Association of German-speaking children and newborn photographers

Kinderfotografie Auszeichnungen 2016 2017 lightplay
drei kinderfotografie awards für lightplay

The Association of German-speaking children and newborn photographers awarded us two awards in the spring of 2017 and another one in 2018:

Best Children Photography 2016 - Best Teens Photography 2016 - Best Report Photography 2017!

We are very proud and say a big THANK YOU to the Association of German-speaking children and newborn photographers!


Memberships & Photography Associations


The Association of Professional Photographers (bpp) is an association of portrait and wedding photographers who should positively influence the increase in the quality and image of professional photography in the field of wedding and portrait. It is considered the largest German-speaking association for professional photographers.


The international association of active portrait photographers Colour Art Photo honors its members for creativity and competence in portrait photography. Again and again, the organization organizes competitions and meetings with workshops and lectures, where you can exchange and further educate yourself.


The Association of Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers (SBF) is considered one of the oldest professional associations in Europe. For 130 years he has stood for professionalism, innovation and a high level of expertise. Again, the quality of photography is the focus of the work.


A matter of ♥

Since the beginning we support the organization 'Herzensbilder' as baby photographers. This great institution organizes a photoshoot or a photographer for families in difficult times - so-called "stormy times". The pictures are then given as a gift. Occasions can be, for example, 'Sternenkinder' or extreme premature birth, but also seriously ill or severely disabled children. Photos can help a lot in such situations - to look back and then go forward with new courage or to remember.

It is always a challenge for us to photograph for 'Herzensbilder'. It reminds us how unfair the world can sometimes be and how well we have it in our warm and cuddly photo studio where, fortunately, most of our guests are perfectly healthy. With 'Herzensbilder' together we want to make a small contribution to help in these hard times and we are glad that there is this important organization and we can be a small part of it.

Please direct inquiries to 'Herzensbilder' directly to the organization team.